Dendrogram, 2016

Dendrograma | Tree-kit, exhibition at MCO Arte Contemporânea, Porto, 2016.

Fabric, wood, vinyl-based paint, canvas, dimensions vary.

Dendrogram | Tree-kit is a product of a research on the possibilities of drawing in space. Composed of painted wood modules, the piece is a three-dimensional drawing that incorporates the effects of light and shadow on the container’s surfaces — the exhibition space.

Dendrogram is a kit, several pieces that fit into a box or a bag. Its transformed branches may be mounted in a tent like fashion. This makes the artwork portable and mutant: it is either closed or open, still or active in space through the manipulation of its parts by a participant.

The Dendrogram works developed from a research on a fictitious Botany in which I created new vegetable species in drawing. The fictional species were created from the ideas of taming, mimicking, manipulation and hybridisation. The artefacts and visual materials produced are then organised into portable museums.

In the Dendrogram works, the original material of the tree shapes is hidden. Existent tree sticks are altered and painted into new shapes representing new-formed tree branches. This body of work entangles fact and fiction, organic and mechanic, natural and artificial, sculpture and drawing.

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